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Presentation Skills Training in Calgary

Presentation Skills Training in  Calgary

Boost your team’s public speaking confidence with our fun and interactive presentation skills training programs in Calgary.

Improve presentation skills with group training programs in Calgary

Do you want your team to be able to communicate effectively? From presenting a business case to your boss, a sales pitch to a client, or an update to a group of colleagues – presentations are an important part of doing business.

The good news is that communication and public speaking are skills anyone can learn with enough practice. Your team can have audiences sitting up and paying close attention with presentation skills training programs.

Whether your team needs to speak to a large or small group – you can build your team's confidence and prepare them for the front of the room with our training workshops. When your team is calm, organized, and confident, they will be able to effectively communicate to audiences of any size.

Top companies in Calgary trust our presentation skills training programs because they are memorable and effective:

From planning to execution - this was a "can do" team that brought a host of experience and expertise, and really nailed it for us. Your team was energetic and really got the whole group into the right mindset where they had fun but also took key learnings away. This was the highlight our team offsite and would recommend this team to anyone looking to do something special, unique and memorable!" - Microsoft

Presentation skills training for large audiences

Presentations are a great way to communicate a concept or idea to a large group of stakeholders – either internally at large-scale company meetings, or externally at conferences and seminars. While the thought of getting up in front of a crowd of hundreds is a nightmare for some people, there are methods and tricks anyone can learn to make it easy.

One of our top presentation skills training program for large audiences is The Art Of Presenting. The interactive workshop trains your team to practice and improve their public speaking skills with the help of professional facilitators. There is truly an art to presenting effectively, and your team can learn how to deliver information in a way the audience will remember.

Five presentation skills programs for large audiences:

Presentation skills training for small audiences

Small presentations are much more common in day-to-day business. While a smaller audience might help to take off some of the pressure, they also demand more interactivity, detail, and preparation. Your team needs to be able to stay confident and prepared, even if they are giving a presentation to a single decision maker.

If you want your team to learn better habits for presentation preparation and delivery, you should check out our 8 Productive Practices employee training workshop. Your team can learn key productive methods in the workshop to help them engage a small audience.

You can also emphasize the importance of good preparation with one of our team building activities. In an activity like Going Live, employees need to rehearse over and over to make sure their presentation in front of the camera hits all the key points and lasts exactly three minutes long.

Five presentation skills programs for small audiences

Work with the Calgary presentation skills training experts

To start planning your presentation skills training activity or workshop, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. We have fast response times, and you’ll love how simple we make the planning process for you. If you’re looking for a custom solution for your team, our team can also put together a flexible training program designed around your goals.

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